Mission Statement

(The mission statement will be revised or approved by the Board of Directors)

The mission of the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture is to foster collaboration amongst stakeholders and create a consolidated voice to encourage the positive growth of insects as both feed and food.

Areas of Focus


With a first AAFCO approval pending, the NACIA will focus on: 

  1. Gathering research necessary to align future approvals.

  2. Developing the market for feed through outreach to aquaculture producers and chicken farmers.


  1. Consumer outreach and education through public awareness campaigns.

  2. Research prioritization, information aggregation and formal information sharing networks with other organizations.

  3. Establishing industry best practices or standard operating procedures based on guidance from applicable regulatory agencies.

  4. Clarification of existing regulations for current and future stakeholders.

Incorporation as  501c3

We have decided this is the best incorporation structure for the coalition's interests. Grant funding will be more available under 501c3 as well as tax benefits for the organization and contributing members, and if we need to do concerted lobbying in the future we can pursue a separate 501c6 organization. We will incorporate as soon as there is agreement of the organizational structure. We will need a committed fund to initiate the incorporation process if we want it to be done rapidly. (within 6 months) Initial BoD will be drafting Bylaws and Documents of Incorporation as first priority.