Robert Nathan Allen (Chairman)


Alexander Klonick

Julianne Kopf

Liz Koutsos

Cheryl Preyer

Marianne Shockley

Jeff Tomberlin

Updates on the priorities that the board set are below:

  1. Rules of governance and bylaws

    • Status: Being reviewed by pro-bono legal partners. 

  2. 12 month operational plan and budget

    • Status 1: Membership dues are now being collecting to establish a base to fund activities. We are also exploring grant and philanthropic funding. 

    • Status 2: We are currently a volunteer run organization. All member dues go directly to projects and program activities that are approved by the board. The only approved uses for funds at this time are administrative costs such as website hosting, legal fees and setup costs for incorporating as a nonprofit organization.

  3. List of proposed priorities/initiatives

    • Status1: Co-organizing Eating Insects Athens 2018.

    • Status 2: Delegation attending IFW China - If you are attending and would like to be included in any activities, please reach out to Marianne Shockley (entomolo@uga.edu). 

  4. Formally committed though not necessarily due paying membership base  

    • Status: Membership tiers and dues structure are outlined here. Dues are being collected and membership is open.

  5. Membership levels, dues, and voting rights

    • Status 1: We have a tiered membership system designed to allow anybody to become more involved.

    • Status 2: Dues are currently not used for compensation, remuneration or travel for either members or leaders.

    • Status 3: Members vote for board representatives.