NACIA has 6 annual membership tiers. These have been designed to bring value to the diverse group of members who participate and benefit to varying degrees. Members at all levels get the opportunity to work with the community, access valuable content, and provide input to grow this field.

Please see a breakdown of the levels below with brief descriptions, benefits and the associated dues. More information about each tier is include at the bottom of this page. Please contact with questions or feedback on how we can improve member benefits.

*Some membership resources are works in progress. We are in the process of bringing these resources to the community. 


Membership Levels
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Student (K-12) Membership

For students 18 and under in primary and secondary school, NACIA offers a free junior membership.

Note: University and college students should sign up for the Higher Academia level.

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Content Access

Community Building and Input

Non-NACIA members will have access to:

  • Right to attend conference

  • General information on insect agriculture

  • Access to insect product storefront (NACIA members can offer discounts to anybody through NACIA)

  • Access to industry news NACIA shares

  • Access to “State-of-Industry Report - Lite” (general info)