Mission Statement

Insects are an untapped natural resource with the potential to change our agricultural systems to be more safe, sustainable, and equitable. The mission of the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture is to encourage positive use of Insects in North America.

The mission of NACIA is informed by five key points:

1. Sustainability: Facilitate the more efficient use of resources, land, water, greenhouse gas [ghg], energy, and beyond, in agricultural production through the use of insects.

2. Safety: Facilitate insect agriculture and products that meet or exceed the highest regional standards of safety in their applications, including, but not limited to, food and feed.

3. Ethics: The coalition will encourage the ethical behavior and promote diversity of companies and members.

4. Accessibility: Foster small and large scale approaches to insect farming and product development, as well as provide resources, tools and opportunities to new companies entering the insect agriculture sector.

5. Transparency: The coalition will be transparent in work, meetings, resources, etc.  We encourage members to similarly adopt transparency in their dealings.